AGM 30th April

Hello all,
As you will be aware from your syllabus booklet, the AGM is coming up on 30th April, at 7:30pm.
The Committee of 8 members rotates to ensure that there are always new ideas coming forward, and to share the work of running the club. This year, the Secretary, Treasurer and 2 ordinary members retire and replacements are elected for a 2-year term. For other reasons, the Chair is also retiring this year, to be replaced by the Vice-Chair, so there are 5 vacancies arising.
As you might have guessed, we are looking for volunteers who would be willing to contribute a few hours a month to help with the running of your club. This is a chance to get involved in making sure that your club arranges the sort of events and activities that you want to help with your photography. There is always help available for anyone volunteering, and the idea of the rotation is to ensure that experience and knowledge is passed on, and the work is shared.
Nomination forms are on the club noticeboards, and nominations officially close at 9:30pm, 23rd April. If you want to get involved, and want to know more about what’s involved, please have a word with any of the committee. Even if you are not volunteering, please come along on 30th, as we need a good turnout to ensure the necessary quorum requirement is met.
Other housekeeping:
Lots of things around the club seem to “just happen”, because a handful of stalwarts keep an eye out, and clean and tidy the place up when it looks a bit shabby. This is no-one’s allocated job, nor should it be. It’s every member’s responsibility. If you think the place could do with a quick hoover – don’t ask, just do it.
1- The folk who always seem to wash up the cups have mentioned that it always seems to be the same folk doing this – there is no rota. If all members could wash their own mugs etc., it lessens the load on everyone else.
2- Near the kettles and coffee machines you will see a little red pot for donations towards coffee, tea and biscuit costs. We have noticed donations are not quite matching spending, so if you are a consumer, please make a contribution from time-to-time.
Thanks for reading, see you at the AGM, if not sooner.

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