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Everything is Beautiful… but

A very interesting and thought provoking evening was provided tonight by the club treasurer Charlie Summers.

His ‘Everything is Beautiful… but’ evening on the fundamentals of Portrature and the key elements that lead to a successful session served a great reminder to the more experienced club members and a great learning point for the newer members who have yet to venture into this area of photography.

Charlie made great emphasis on the importance of putting the model/models at ease and creating a rapport that will assist both the model and photographer in working together to create great shots that both will be delighted with.

He ended the presentation with a very useful guide to posing and highlighted the Do’s and Dont’s which make the difference between a good photo and a mediocre photo.

Next week we have Willie Pollard taking us through working directly with out models and how to get the best out of a portrature session. This will lead nicely into our first model night of the year which is scheduled for Tuesday 7th Nov.