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Isles of the North (Part 1) presented by John Blair

John Blair the former chair of Midlothian Camera Club presented Isles of the North (Part1). This was a photographic journey to two Island groups he has wanted to visited for a long time. In the first part of first par of this week’s talk, he took us to Fair Isle and the second part we visited St Kilda. We started with a geography lesson, once a teacher always a teacher!

In John’s Fair Isle trip, we got on the Islander aircraft with him and flew to Fair Isle. The photographs of his visit recorded his visit and gave the members and insight in what to expect on Fair Isle. He saw pictures of the airfield, and bird observatory where he and his wife stayed. We also got pictures of the bird life and landscapes. We even had a puffin picture which pleased the members.

Then on to the St Kilda trip. This had been on John’s bucket list for a long time. This time, we followed John and his wife as they crossed from Lewis to the St Kilda archipelago, in a smallish boat. A crossing that took 7-8 hours and in which John was able to “enjoy” his breakfast again several times before arriving in Village Bay, off Hirta, the largest Island. Once John got his land legs back he was able take photographs showing the wild remoteness of the Islands, the fauna and flora, as well what the last residents must have endured.

A big thank to John for an inspiring talk, so inspiring some members have been acquiring books on St Kilda to further their understanding.