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Competition Rules

1. Competitions are open to all paid up members

2. Entries must be the members own work and may take the form of prints or projected images in either colour or black and white. Prints may be submitted in any size ranging from 17.5cm by 12.5cm (un-mounted) to a maximum (Including mount) of 50cm by 40cm. All prints should be submitted mounted. Images should be clearly identified to the correct category, or discussed with the competition secretary. If any entries are marked wrongly the competition secretary has the right to re-define the category once discussed with the member. Once defined to a category the image cannot be reused or redefined to another category for any other competition. Digital image sizes should be a maximum of 1400 wide x 1050 high. Wrongly sized images may be excluded.

3. Apart from the Annual Cups, Cameron Cup, Arnold Rhodes Trophy and the Midlothian Quaich the maximum number of entries will be 3 prints and/or 3 projected images.

4. Entries should only be identified by your membership number. Photographs should be titled but marks will not be deducted if none is provided. Prints should be accompanied with a digital copy.

5. Entries should be prepared in good time and handed to the Competition Secretary (or nominated person) on or before the specified date shown on the syllabus. Entry slips should also be completed giving details of your submission.

6. Judging will normally be done by an external judge recognised and approved by the Scottish Photographic Federation. Entries will be marked out of 20 points.

7. Members may nominate themselves as “Beginners” if they consider this is appropriate. You cannot remain in this category for more than two seasons. Entries should be marked as such. This will encourage judges to offer more constructive criticism but not extra points. Should a beginner win one of the major competitions in their first season then they cannot compete as such the following year.

8. There are three seasonal competitions each year, Autumn, Winter and Spring. All are open themed but entrants should categorise each of their photographs into one of the following; Sport, Landscape, Portrait, Natural History or Open. A Seasonal Award will be made for the best image in the Competition. All marks awarded will go forward toward the League Awards. In the case of projected images, only the top two scoring images will be considered for the League.

9. Trophies are awarded in all five of the categories above. This will be made to the author with the highest aggregate score. The overall score in each category will be divided by six to find an overall winner. Count back will be used if necessary.

10. The Cameron Cup. This will be judged on a panel of 3 prints. This panel must be on a common theme. Members should clearly indicate the order that the images should be displayed and must have the theme clearly shown on the entry form. Individual images may also be titled. Images that have been used in other club competitions are excluded.

11. Annual Cups. Entrants should submit a set of three prints and/or 3 projected images. Each image must be from different categories. For example a set might include a portrait, a landscape and a natural history shot but not two portraits and a landscape. Images used in other competitions this season are permitted.

12. The Jim Dickson Award will be presented to the author of the best image from a Midlothian member in the joint Midlothian – Fotoclub Hückelhoven Exhibition. This image is chosen by an external assessor.

13. The Jim Dickson Beginners Award will be presented to the best person in this category.

14. Entries for the Midlothian Quaich must be prints and the image should illustrate life or leisure withinMidlothian. Photographs must be taken within the county boundary. You may only submit one print. It should be titled and give the location of the image

15. The Arnold Rhodes Quaich will be presented for the best single Black & White Print. One print per member.

16. AV Show. 1 entry per member. Shows should be between 5 – 8 minutes in length. Discs and entry forms should only have members number and title marked on them.