SPF Print Championship

Hi All 

For those that were not able to make it to the club last night Neil has put forward a suggestion that we as a club submit an entry to the competition. I have called out the key points below but I have also included a link to the SPF website for further information.

There was a good response form those at the club last night and personally I think we have a number of great photographers in the club producing great shots so think we have nothing to lose in entering.

It is a print competition open to both colour and monochrome images (there is no category). 

There are 3 judges that will judge the images on the day for every club entered.

The cost to enter the competition is 70p per print.

There is a maximum number of 80 prints per club, the title of which need to be submitted before the day.

It will take place on Sunday 16 Feb 2020 at Stirling Court Hotel (Formerly Stirling Management Centre) , Stirling University, Stirling FK9 4LA.

The cost of admission to the event is £7.

I have contacted them to find out the date for us to be registered and provide them with the titles of all the prints.

Please view the website as you can see the images that have won previously.


Thank you 



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